At International House we run numerous organised cultural and social events for students to mingle with other students, take a break from studies and generally let their hair down.

Most of these events are organised by our International House Student Club Inc. (IHSC), a team of elected student volunteers who represent students’ interests to deliver highly engaging in house and inter college events. The IH Student Club provides social connection, fun outings and events, coordination of team sports and a sense of belonging for all. Activities include cultural events, choir, plays, dancefest, bandfest, art show, debating, public speaking, charity events, chess, and College Idol.

Many of these events allow all ten colleges at UQ to take part and socialise with one another, including parties and large gala balls.

Additionally at the University of Queensland there are over 220+ affiliated clubs and societies covering a host of specialist interests for our students to get together with like-minded people, learn a new activity or go away on an organised weekend trip.


Catered residents automatically become members of the IHSC upon arrival. Self-Catered residents have the option to join the IHSC for an additional fee. The Executive and General Committees are responsible for everyday matters and decisions for the International House Student Club and student body.

Our Student Club executive take their leadership roles very seriously, and gain skills that will be invaluable to them in their future careers.

The Student Club Executive Committee comprises the following positions:

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Social Convenor
  • Cultural Convenor
  • Sports Representatives (male and female)
  • Cross-Cultural Convenor
  • Inter-College Council Representative

Students are elected to these positions by their peers each year at an AGM.

Housies can volunteer for other leadership positions including: Shop Convenor, Charity Convenor, BandFest Convenor or Soirée Convenor.

Student Club is also an avenue for residents to voice their ideas of what college life should be like and discover their true potential through participation and leadership.