We believe exceptional students deserve an exceptional education, regardless of life’s circumstances. International House offers a range of Awards in the form of scholarships and bursaries to our commencing and continuing residents.

Our Awards Program is designed to encourage leadership, personal development, collegial inclusion and compassion for others. These Awards range from merit and academic based, to acknowledging outstanding contribution to college life. All scholarships and bursaries will be paid as a reduction in International House college fees.

Please read all information carefully before making an application.

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Open to all new and returning residents

  1. Academy Services Scholarship – Annual Award: $1,500 (x2)
    International House and Academy Services have a strong partnership and legacy in providing residential university accommodation. Academy Services recognize ‘home is where the heart is’ and has generously funded a Scholarship to support Housies with the costs of on-campus living as they pursue their educational dreams.
  2. Chartwells Housie Scholarship – Annual Award: $2,000 (x2)
    In partnership with Chartwells, our dedicated hospitality services team, IH offers The Chartwell’s Housie Scholarship. An annual award aimed at supporting residents studying subjects including but not limited to; hospitality, food sciences, event services, marketing, business and management. Annual Award: Two (2) awards valued at $2,000 each presented to one (1) Domestic and one (1) International Housie.
  3. Directors Recommendation Scholarship – Annual Award: $2,000 (x2)
    This scholarship seeks to ensure the representation of IH residents is well rounded in academic, leadership, cross-cultural relationships, community, and professional development areas. The scholarship is competitive and based upon an evaluation of the applicant’s personal statement, academic performance, extracurricular and/or work activity, community/volunteer efforts, and personal recommendations.
  4. IH Equity Scholarship – Annual Award: $2,000 total
    The Equity Scholarship is aimed at ensuring that IH is accessible to deserving students, regardless of their personal circumstances, and is awarded to help disadvantaged undergraduate students with the costs associated with residential accommodation. Students who have experienced educational disadvantage, who are from rural/remote locations, or are marginalised have an equal opportunity to live and learn at IH.
  5. Indigenous Scholarship – Annual Award: $2,000 total
    International House is committed to providing an environment that celebrates Indigenous culture and supports the education of Indigenous students seeking to pursue tertiary education. The IH Indigenous Scholarship creates a pathway for Indigenous students to access high-quality education in a culturally inclusive environment, especially for those students relocating from a rural or remote environment.

Open to returning residents only

  1. Jarrah Young Memorial Scholarship -Annual Award: $1,250 total
    In memory of Jarrah Young, an IH alumna who passed away in 2012, age 26, when her safari tour bus overturned while traveling through Namibia. Jarrah had a profound impact on residents’ lives when she was a Housie. The memorial scholarship exists to encourage and enable residents to participate in college life, be compassionate towards others and achieve academically.


  1. Alumni Bursary – Annual Award: $1,000 (x2)
    International House acknowledges the strong ties and family connections with our college. Many alumni are sending their children and grandchildren to International House. Keeping alumni ties is important to us, and to recognise Housie loyalty, commencing residents who are children of IH Brisbane Alumni are eligible to apply for the Alumni Bursary.
  2. IH Way Bursary – Annual Award: $1,000 (x2)
    This award exists to recognise residents who reflect the IH Way qualities in their cross­ cultural, academic, cultural, leadership and sporting endeavours and who have made and continue to make a significant contribution to college life. Annual Award: Two (2) awards valued at $1,000 each presented to one (1) domestic and one (1) International Housie. Returning residents only.
  3. McKenzie Sports Bursary (for equipment) – Annual Value: $800 total
    The McKenzie Sports Bursary is awarded annually towards the purchase and upgrade of IH sports supplies like team jerseys and equipment to assist the sporting endeavors of IH residents. This award is presented to the current Student Club Sports Convenors to be used in the areas of most need.


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