International House has an extensive cross-cultural program managed jointly managed by IH administration and our Student Club. No other residential college on-campus – or other accommodation providers in Brisbane – comes close to embedding cultural appreciation into their way of life.

Here at IH we have residents from all parts of the world, creating a rich cultural environment.

Our cross-cultural program provides a variety of free events and activities for residents to participate in and celebrate international festivals. For example:

  • Foreign Language Conversational Classes (Japanese, French, Mandarin, Spanish, Korean and more)

  • “Tabiat Selasa” meaning Tuesday’s habitual, can take the form of event style workshops or lectures. Sessions have included activities such as fencing, beer tasting, international board games, Aussie beer/damper night, break dancing and vegetarian cooking classes

  • Festival celebrations such as Annual Mid-Autumn Festival and Tanabata Omatzuri

  • I-Feast, a cooking competition between teams with native dishes from different countries

  • Soirée, our unique annual international food, beverage and entertainment event