Our Academic Support Program is a FREE and VALUABLE service provided to International House residents to assist them in reaching their full potential in their university studies. This is a key reason why it is best to stay at IH rather than at an off campus accommodation alternative.

Each semester, an academic student review is undertaken to identify residents who need additional support, but also to recognise those who are performing at a high standard.

The Deputy Director provides academic counselling and arranges free tutorials in courses that have traditionally proved difficult or unusually challenging. Support for residents may also be available in the form of study groups, workshops, informative literature, plus one-on-one assistance in areas such as editing, proofreading and personal mentoring. This is especially helpful for students where English is not their first language. It’s also another way we help our students gain a global advantage.

In addition to the Academic Support Program, we also provide residents with well-equipped study facilities and learning resources.

My grades have improved thanks to the one-on-one attention from IH tutors, also frequently fellow Housies. I’ve attended Uni tutes but there were so many students it was very difficult to get noticed – I felt like a stranger. At IH if I have an extra question I just text or talk to my tutor on site and he helps by proof-reading my work.


The tutorial helped me to get a better understanding of my lectures and the topics so that I didn’t fall behind. Even with the readings, tutorials and the lectures, I couldn’t always understand one of my harder subjects. With the assistance of IH tutorials, I was able to talk through my essays and the topics I didn’t understand.


I like the flexibility and convenience of having tutors available at IH. It’s also much easier to relate to someone who is a Housie and friend, and that strong connection has reflected in my improved grades.


I would like to express my gratitude and appreciation for my ACCT1101 tutor. He excelled my expectations and helped a lot with my comprehension of the course. Thank you for your tutoring program offered here at IH.