International House (IH) is a welcoming and inclusive on-campus UQ College, home to a vibrant multicultural community of 242 tertiary students from approximately 40 different cultures/countries, including Australia. Here, at International House, you can live and breathe in a global community and experience the best that Australia has to offer.

The world is increasingly connected with real-time technology. Add to this the rise of highly mobile and adaptive workers who choose jobs and locations based on experiences, opportunities, challenges and lifestyle – and you start to gain an appreciation for the importance of young people to be global ready – to have the skills, contacts and fluidity to go anywhere and succeed.

At IH we foster global readiness in a multitude of ways to benefit our Australian and International residents.

  • We have an extensive cross-cultural program run collaboratively by IH administration and our Student Club. This is a full calendar of activities that celebrates different cultures, cuisines and events in creative ways. We encourage students to add to this program by sharing the special festivals and customs from homelands that are fun and engaging.

  • When allocating resident rooms, we mix things up to ensure that on each level there are residents from different cultures. Initially this may take some students out of their comfort zone, but experience shows this ultimately leads to greater interactions which paves the way for enduring friendships.

  • By having an open dining room, residents have the opportunity to sit next to people from different countries and learn about each other’s cultures, customs, ideas and interests. Our residents share a common language and a common code of respect and curiosity, laughter and shared experiences.

  • We have a range of on and off campus social and sporting activities where our residents have fun and create memories together. This further works to strengthen bonds and global sensibilities.


While over 134 different nationalities attend The University of Queensland, a student won’t necessarily make friends with people from different cultures in their class. It’s often a time of educational focus and less a time of developing a deeper personal understanding and connection. People tend to gravitate towards the known and familiar.

The positive thing about International House is the known and familiar for the vast majority of our residents is diversity. Here our students make lifelong friendships and future networks that will benefit them for life.

IH is the perfect transition for students who want to gain a global advantage. You will have better study-life balance, feel less homesick and benefit from academic support – which, according to research, will help you do better in your studies.

We accept exchange, full and part-time undergraduate and post graduate students without an interview and before a university offer is made, so you can be assured of a room.

If you want to be part of a vibrant global community then International House is the place for you. We do International better than anyone else.