Each year at International House we have around 240 residents at different stages of their studies. Around a third of our residents are Australian and two thirds are international and exchange students.

Our community is multicultural, down-to earth, inclusive and inspiring.

Meet some of our awesome residents for yourself below. You can meet our Senior Residents here who are often a first point of onsite contact for many of our residents.



My first year at IH was awesome there was a bunch of events and the vibes were so good, yeah I love IH so much. I made a lot of friends here, at all the dinners, breakfasts and lunches, and I went to the movies with them all the time and I enjoy the activities. People are so nice from the staff to the residents, the food is tasty, you can have a great real-life experience at IH.



I enjoy the convenience of staying on-campus and also all the friends I’ve made because when you come to a new country sometimes you don’t know many people, but at IH you’ll find a diverse community where you can quickly and easily make good friends and find study partners. Vegemite I haven’t tried it yet, I always see it sitting on the IH counter but I’m very scared to try it, but Tim Tams these are one of Australia’s very best creations.



I love the welcoming Brisbane people and the active outdoor lifestyle where I can go kitesurfing and wakeboarding – it’s like I’m living a dream! I’ve enjoyed the best years of my life in Brisbane and Housies have become a second family to me. There is always something to do and someone to do it with at IH. It’s also great being on-campus and so close to everything you need



Although I am a domestic student, I lived in Germany for over 15 years and that’s where I consider home. I grew up quite multiculturally and hence, could have never landed anywhere else but at IH. I loved the atmosphere of multiculturalism and involvement from day one and I got so much out of this college just by coming to the events. What distinguishes IH most is that we are very diverse and culturally inclusive, I get to meet people from all corners of the world and hear their stories.

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