Moving out of home for the first time is a big step – which is why we try and make the transition as easy as possible.

As parents, you want to know that your child has made the right decision, will do well and be happy. Here’s some information that might set your minds at ease, but also to help you continue to be part of your child’s life when they are far from home.

  • Australian & International Students Welcome

    International House is a residential on-campus college at the University of Queensland that accepts tertiary students from Australia and around the world. IH is a multicultural melting pot of backgrounds, beliefs and faiths all coming together under a common banner of friendship.

  • Bookings & Fees

    We accept applications all year round so you can book your child into International House and guarantee them a room – even before their university offer comes through. Once an offer is made you will need to pay a deposit to secure your room. Remaining fees for the upcoming Semester need to be paid in advance, as outlined in the Letter of Offer you will receive from us. You can read more about our fees and cancellation policy here.

  • Settling In

    One of the comments we often hear from parents is that their child was warmly welcomed, felt included, was fitting in well, making friends quickly and happy to be at IH. This speaks volumes as to the culture of International House and the environment that the staff and student community create together.

  • Nutritious Meals

    You can relax knowing your son or daughter is enjoying healthy and nutritious meals prepared by professional chefs. They will also save time on shopping, cooking and cleaning up after meals leaving more time to focus on what matters. Most dietary requirements can be managed by our catering staff – just ask!

  • Safety

    International House is a very safe and respectful community. Staff are onsite 24/7 to assist and UQ Security is always on call should the need arise. Brisbane, in general, is a safe city and the incidence of crime is very low.

  • 24/7 Onsite assistance

    We have a dedicated Senior Resident team who live onsite to provide pastoral support and assistance to each resident in their tower (approximately 20). The Director and Deputy Director also reside on site. We find that ours is a community that looks out for each other – even out and about on social excursions. There will always be a friendly, helpful and responsible person that your child can go to any time of the day or night.

“What IH does exceptionally well is icebreaking type activities and facilitating friendships as many of these kids are a long way from home. To me International House is one of the most welcoming colleges. How they fit in all the social, cultural, community, events, the Senior Residents in the towers. They just have so many structures in place which really do encourage and help a person fit in.”

Jan, Australian

“We are Muslim. We liked the International focus and different cultures. He is really happy and made friends from all over the world in no time. Everything is very convenient being on campus and included. We don’t have to worry about him, about him not eating properly. Our son enjoys living there and getting back into his swimming at the pool.”

Hariana, Australian – Malaysian
  • Life Balance

    While we appreciate students are here to study and do well academically, like everyone, they do better when they have proper life balance and breaks from study and work. At International House there are heaps of free events and activities including social, cultural and sporting activities to get involved in – as well as facilities and natural garden spaces nearby for them to relax and revive.

  • Academic Support

    Included in the fees is a thorough Academic Support Program to ensure your child gets the mentorship, tutoring and other study assistance to do well in their chosen studies. This is one of the key advantages to staying within International House versus other options.

  • International Arrivals

    An airport reception service is available for international students arriving in Australia for the first time. Please visit your University website for further information. Note that International House does not offer this service directly.

  • Transport Card

    In Brisbane you can buy a transport card called a Go Card from bus and train stations (there are stations at both our domestic and international airport) to enable you to tap on and off of trains, buses and ferries. It can also be easily topped up online. New residents will be shown how to get one in O-Week and how to apply for discounted student fares.

  • Staying in touch

    At International House we have fast speed WiFi so residents can immediately jump on their mobile phone or laptop and message you to let you know they have arrived. As part of O-Week they are taken to a local phone shop where they can purchase an Australian phone SIM Card for more cost-effective international calling rates and domestic rates for SMS, calls and data.

  • Orientation Week

    International House runs an orientation program – O-Week – each semester for all new arrivals. This is an exciting week that takes new residents on a comprehensive tour of the UQ Campus and Brisbane city and helps them get set-up with everything they need including bank accounts, local phone numbers etc. There is no hazing or pressure put on residents to participate in all events.

“If you are looking for a place that is safe and fun I would recommend this facility. It seems to be the best fit in terms of turn-key and the price is reasonable.”

Patrick, USA

“If your child wants to experience diversity / different cultures then IH is the place. They have everything.”

Hannah, Australian