The day-to-day activities at college and the love you grow and develop for such a large group of people is an opportunity for learning and growth you just won’t find as a day-time student.


My favourite thing about being a Housie is that every person has the opportunity to get involved. The ideal of ‘That Brotherhood May Prevail’ is a notion actually exercised each and every day.




    So close to everything. Wake up right before lectures and be there in 5 minutes. No running for buses or parking worries. Spend time your way. Add an extra hour to your studies, exercise, friendship, relaxation, you could even pick up a casual job around campus.


    IH living equals big savings, forget bus or train fares or costly petrol and parking fees.  Additionally you don’t have to buy lunch every day, or come up with money for bond or utility bills. Compare our fees with other accommodation options.


    Living offsite in share accommodation can sometimes be stressful – even with best friends. Aside from cooking and cleaning you might have to mow the lawn, pay bills, buy furniture or pay for rent over the summer to keep your lease – even if you want to travel or go back home. At IH our friendly cleaning team service your bedroom weekly providing fresh bedlinen, while bathrooms and common areas are cleaned daily. 


    Living on-campus allows residents to prioritise education and work towards a common goal. Housies are supportive and mindful of other residents. It’s also easy to organise study groups either in IH common rooms or with fellow UQ students on campus.


    There are numerous sporting, library and other facilities on-campus. Staying at International House offers residents easy access to UQ’s premier Pool and Gym facilities.


    UQ is situated on a beautiful curve on the Brisbane River. There are pathways, running and cycling tracks around the river for getting out and enjoying the fresh air, burning off energy or just relaxing. It feels like a green oasis in the midst of a bustling city. It is less of a culture shock for students coming from regional locations and a beautiful surprise for some of our international students.


    Initially you may feel nervous about coming to live in a new place, but at IH many residents can relate to your situation. You will quickly find other students with similar interests or backgrounds who, like you, are eager to make new and lasting friendships.


    All colleges run a number of internal events to bring their residential community together. This doesn’t happen in offsite university student accommodation options. Loneliness can often be the number one reason why students drop out of uni. Our communal events are exceptional – in fact we have had people transfer to IH because of our fun, inclusive and cultural events. Discover more here!


    When you stay on-campus you can participate in a whole range of afternoon, evening and weekend sporting fixtures and activities because each residential college fields a team. It’s not about winning – it’s about fun and having a go. These are free events and add to the joy and vibrancy of campus life.


    Living on campus is a pathway to independent adult living. You are free to come and go as you please. You gain the confidence to manage your own timetable and take advantage of opportunities available to you. There are adult staff and Senior Residents here if you need them – who offer care and support. Additionally, at International House, we have a complementary, professional pastoral care program.