International House at UQ has been a ‘home away from home’ for over 6,000 young people from all around the world since 1965.

With over 50 years’ experience in looking after ‘Aussie’ and International students far from home, we create a strong sense of community to ensure our residents get the most out of being a Housie.

For many residents IH is ‘the best time of their life’. As one parent recently said: ‘You can’t manufacture happiness.’

There are a few things that make IH life and our community distinctively different:

  • Older Student Age. The average age of our residents is 20 years. This means our community is more mature and responsible.

  • Diverse Cohort. We are the original multicultural, co-ed college on campus. IH is non-denominational, welcoming people of all faiths, nationalities and genders (LGBTIAQ+).

  • Exchange Students. IH actively encourages international exchange or semester only to apply to live at IH. Our exchange residents always add a lively dynamic to our cosmopolitan community. They also give current residents an insight into Tertiary International Exchanges – should they wish to experience an adventure of their own.

  • International Community. Most of our Housies – including our Australian residents – have either lived in different parts of the world – or have strong multicultural friendships. Multiculturalism is ‘the norm’ and embraced. Here residents find their tribe.

  • Pastoral Care. At IH, we offer a Pastoral Care Program where residents are nurtured in a caring and supportive community setting. It is important our residents feel a sense of security and unity within the College. Led by the DirectorDeputy Director and Senior Residents (SRs), IH strives to develop a positive self-image, resilience and a feeling of belonging among all residents.

    Each tower has a trained Senior Resident who provides personal support to ensure the well-being of residents under their care.

  • Leadership Opportunities. There are many ways residents can take advantage of leadership opportunities while living at International House. These include formally elected positions within the International House Student Club Inc. (IHSC), supporting other residents as academic tutors, becoming Senior Residents (undergrads only), participating in any of our social and cultural events or community service initiatives. Residents who participate in programs such as InspireU or become International Student Ambassadors find it really rewarding and it is a great addition to their resume.

Life at International House gives you the opportunity to get involved as much or as little as you want with fun cultural, cross-cultural, social activities, sporting events, academic support, leadership opportunities, and pastoral care.