At International House we offer a Pastoral Care Program where residents are nurtured in a caring and supportive community setting. Under the guidance of the Deputy Director, the Senior Residents (SR’s) are integral to the delivery of this program, providing a caring, supportive presence in each Tower.

At International House a Senior Resident is based in each tower, making them the go-to-person for approximately 20 fellow students, and a key point of contact and friendship for our resident community. They also are typically very active in leading our social activities and in the InterCollege Council (ICC) events.

Our Senior Residents are students who have been with us for at least one year and have received professional training, development, and support during an induction.

It is a role they relish as they have the opportunity to build strong connections with the residents within their tower and develop leadership and communication skills that will benefit them in any future endeavour.

International House is very appreciative and proud of the partnership we have with our Senior Residents.

Please meet our 2023 Senior Residents:



Hi I’m Abi and I study a BA focusing on Psychology, Anthropology and Spanish. I grew up in rural Australia but have traveled my whole life. In 2019 I did a 12-month exchange to France, so have experienced some of the benefits and challenges of immersing yourself in a new country. I love cultures and languages and find great joy in connecting with people from all over the world. I also enjoy creative arts such as drawing and music. Pasta is the way to my heart. I like to live healthily; dance is currently my favourite form of exercise. I’m always down for a chat about life or study and love listening, no matter whether the conversations are deep or shallow. I especially love hearing about your pets and seeing photos!



Hello, my name is Arishneel. I was born in Fiji and am now in my final year of Chemical and Bioengineering at UQ. I am passionate about STEM and love the opportunity to solve any challenge that comes my way. I adore music and combining it with a game of chess is one of my favorite ways to unwind after a long day at uni. So let me know if you’d want to play a friendly match.

The best thing about IH is that you can always find someone to talk to about delightfully clever or completely absurd ideas. These chats, whether at meals or in the halls, are simply great when you connect with the other person.

Looking forward to adding value to your experience here at IH



Hello guys, I am Riley! I am from Hong Kong but was born in Adelaide, Australia. I am currently studying a Bachelor of Business Management here at UQ and am going into my second year of that now! In my free time I really enjoy staying active and playing a variety of sports such as basketball. I am looking forward to making C tower the best it can be and creating and maintaining a clean environment for us all to live in! Let’s have a fun year!



Hey there! I am Mikaelia, and I am a current year 2 student pursuing a Business Management Degree, majoring in Entrepreneurship and Innovation. I was born in Vietnam, Hanoi but was raised in Singapore. Before joining IH in July 2022, I studied and worked as a Child Therapist/Educator in the early childhood sector while also being a national taekwondo athlete and coach. My hobbies include building Legos, playing Mahjong and raising animals (Fun fact: I used to raise 42 hamsters). In addition, I enjoy spending time with my cats, Zeus and Apollo, who were named after Greek gods in the Percy Jackson series. Overall, I am relatively easy-going and love to be engaged constantly. So feel free to approach me for anything or even to chat.  I look forward to meeting everyone and creating more memories with the friendship forged and activities for everyone to look forward to and enjoy.



My name is Nathaniel Jacob and I’m entering my second year as an Engineering and Mathematics student at QUT. I was born in Louisiana but grew up in Gladstone, Queensland, where I attended Toolooa State high School. I spent a lot of my free time playing sports, including soccer, and also play a bunch of musical instruments – the piano, trombone and trumpet, as well as my ukulele. I have strong aspirations for 2023 and plan on becoming more involved in college and university life. I wish to become an even more active member of the IH community by involving myself in the cultural and sports opportunities on offer. In addition to this, I also wish to continue pushing myself academically and socially. In the free time I have nowadays, I love to run, play social soccer, and listen to music, as well as hanging out with mates. When I’m at home, I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, and my two Labradors – Olly and Sunny.



Hello, I’m Ayla. I am in my second year of my Bachelor’s in Social Science and Arts at UQ. I was born in raised in Hong Kong but have roots in both America and New Zealand. In my free time I enjoy crocheting, painting, or just crafting in general. I also play piano and bass guitar when time allows. Additionally, I used to play volleyball on a national team in the states and look forward to playing some more this year. Working with a team is very important to me and motivates me to work to my fullest potential. I also tend to be motivated by bubble tea. I am excited to be working with the rest of the senior residents to give you all an amazing year full of fun activities. Feel free to drop by and ask me any questions and I look forward to hearing from all of you!



Hi, I’m Kavshika. I’m currently studying Environmental Management at UQ and I joined IH in 2021. I’m originally from Sri Lanka where I spent a lot of time travelling and mountain biking. I enjoy sports and spend a lot of time playing water polo. In addition to travelling, I love to try different cuisines and cultural experiences. Besides all the things we have planned this year, I hope to contribute to enhancing your college life and look forward to all the memorable things this year has in store. Feel free to meet me for a chat and I hope to see you soon.



Hi, I’m Diya. I am currently completing my bachelor’s degree in Psychological Science at UQ. I was born and raised in Gaborone, Botswana but have South Indian roots. Working for a larger purpose has always motivated me to work as hard as I can. Regardless of context, I take pride in my work. I love interacting with others and I am always willing to have a conversation with anyone. I enjoy playing netball and going for walks around campus, especially by the river. My interests include fashion, singing and exploring ‘brunch’ places around the city. I am also interested in visual art and poetry and enjoy writing short poems in my spare time. My plans for 2023 include organising more social events to encourage Housies to get to know one another and build a strong, connected, and loving community. I hope you all have a great year ahead here at IH!



Hi! My name is Oliver House. I moved to Brisbane from Perth, where I finished my high school in 2022 to study Engineering and English literature at UQ. Whilst I was born in Perth, I grew up in India for 6 years, then Malaysia for another 2. I came to love the culture and value the experience of a wide variety of cultures, hence why I look forward to meeting all of you this year. My hobbies include running, reading, and spending time exploring Brisbane with friends. If you ever need help or are just looking for a chat, feel free to knock on my door, I hope to make your time at IH memorable and cant wait to create a new year of memories with all of you.



Hey guys! I’m Keshika (you can call me Kesh). I’m 19 and am about to complete my first year in a Bachelor of Biotechnology degree at UQ, majoring in Medical Biotechnology. I come from Penang, Malaysia, otherwise known as “The Pearl Of The Orient”. In the coming year I hope to be able to get to know more of the IH community and contribute to it. Coming from a traditional background, I have always found it important to create awareness for the different traditions and cultures present in today’s society. I hope to be able to spread that awareness within the IH community. I would say that my love for Biology and research, along with the love and support from my family, motivates me on a daily basis. I have always loved sports, and have actively been involved in netball, badminton and taekwondo. I still do play netball, having played on the IH team throughout 2022. My hobbies include reading, gaming, and writing. I am currently in the midst of writing a book 😊 (don’t feel shy to ask me about it!)

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