International House: Creating a COVID-Safe Community

2020 was a challenging year as the world learned to live with the global coronavirus pandemic. 2021 has seen some level of certainty and a plan for the future. In 2022 we will move from pandemic to endemic to living with COVID-19. At IH staff, visitors and residents are being asked to do their bit to make our community a COVID-Safe living environment.

You can read more about the latest IH COVID-19 policies and procedures below:

  • COVID-19 Policy for IH. IH is committed to ensuring that our environment, in which we live and work, is safe for all staff and residents. This 2022 COVID-19 policy outlines the overarching principles governing IH’s approach to preventing, addressing and responding to COVID-19. This policy is to be read in conjunction with any IH procedures and plans adopted as well as other related documents.

  • COVID-19 Plan for Illness in College. An outline of the COVID Safe Resident Plan for IH to minimise the risks associated with residents who are unwell. We are working with the University of Queensland and Qld Health to develop a comprehensive framework to support our community.

  • Vaccinations. There is much debate and discussion around COVID-19 vaccinations. We request all residents, staff, contractors and IH Board members to be fully vaccinated. At the commencement of 2022 we will request all of our IH community to disclose their vaccination status.

We thank everyone for their patience and support during this challenging time. Together, we can all ensure “That Brotherhood May Prevail”.

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