At International House we offer a Pastoral Care Program where residents are nurtured in a caring and supportive community setting. Under the guidance of the Deputy Director, the Senior Residents (SR’s) are integral to the delivery of this program, providing a caring, supportive presence in each Tower.

At International House there are 9 separate accommodation towers with a Senior Resident being based in each tower, making them the go-to-person for approximately 20 fellow students, and a key point of contact and friendship for our resident community. They also are typically very active in leading our social activities and in the InterCollege Council (ICC) events.

Our Senior Residents are students who have been with us for at least one year and have received professional training, development, and support during an induction.

It is a role they relish as they have the opportunity to build strong connections with the residents within their tower and develop leadership and communication skills that will benefit them in any future endeavour.

International House is very appreciative and proud of the partnership we have with our Senior Residents.

Please meet our 2019 Senior Residents:



Hey everyone, I’m Nikita and I’ll be your 2019 A Tower SR! I was born in Townsville but lived in Airlie Beach (North QLD) until moving to IH in 2018 to study a Bachelor of Engineering. When I’m home, I love hanging out with my dog and high school friends, going to the beach, visiting the Whitsunday Islands and relaxing. One of my favourite inter-college events is Bandfest and this year I am fortunate enough to be the 2019 Bandfest Convenor. I really love the sense of community IH has to offer and there’s been no better way to do that than participating in college life. I’m always up for a chat, so feel free to swing by my room – I can’t wait to meet all of you in O-Week!



Hey there! My name is Shuntaro Fujie, or Shun for short, and I’m your B Tower SR for 2019. I’m a 19-year-old Japanese who moved to Australia back in 2018 to pursue my Bachelor of Arts degree at UQ, majoring in International Relations and Sociology. I was born in Kyoto but spent most of my time in Singapore, the U.S.A, and Tokyo. This will be my first full year at IH. I’m looking forward to the myriad of amazing events and meeting new people from all across the world, so I’m just as excited as you are! I hope we can get to know each other. Add me on Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, whatever you can think of because I’ll always be down for a chat!



BULA!!! My name is May Lisa Kung and I am the C-Tower SR for 2019. I was born & raised in the beautiful islands of Fiji and am studying a BA (Psychology) at UQ. I absolutely love all things sports, especially rugby and basketball. IH has been my home for almost 3 years now. As an SR, I hope to share all the awesome memories I have made. Trust me, you wouldn’t want to miss out on all the activities happening at IH. My favourite would have to be the sports (who didn’t see that one coming huh?! hahaha). The reason being that I met some of my closest and greatest friends during sporting events at IH and I wouldn’t change that for anything. Let’s go out and conquer 2019!



Hey there! My name is Benjamin (Ben), I am 21 years old and I am your D-Tower SR for 2019! I am currently in my 3rd year studying Environmental Management. I plan to work on global environmental issues with organisations such as the UN. I like to complement my degree with outdoor sports like climbing, hiking or rogaining, and have many other interests which range from board games to movies! I am Australian but spent 15 years in Germany, where I grew up speaking German, English, and French. As a result, you might notice I am very straightforward and (hopefully) quite open-minded. So, feel free to have a chat with me anytime, I love meeting new people!



Hello! My name is Mitchell and I’m your SR for E Tower for 2019. I was born in Brisbane but lived in Malaysia, England, and most recently the USA. I’m in my 3rd year at UQ, completing my Bachelor of Science (Bioinformatics). I enjoy playing video games, particularly strategy games or RPGs, and I’m fond of anything fantasy. I also have a sweet-tooth the size of Mt Coot-tha and know that Australia has the best lollies – no exceptions. IH has been a second home to me and I have made truly great friends here. IH is a really great community and the more you put in the more you get out, so get involved with our various sporting, cultural, and social events and you’ll surely have a blast!



Hi, I’m Robyn and I’m the SR for F tower and O-week Convener for 2019. I’m from Adelaide in South Australia, a city with a passion for iced coffee, surrounded by beautiful beaches. I came to Brisbane to study a Bachelor of Advanced Science in Marine Biology at UQ. I love rock climbing, hiking, snorkelling, travelling and anything outdoors. I enjoy getting involved with college sports, even sports I’ve never tried before! This is my 2nd year at IH and I really like how friendly and welcoming everyone is. I’m looking forward to continuing the tradition of awesome F-tower suppers this year and am aiming to run a jam-packed O-week that everyone will enjoy.



Hi, one and all! My name is Kevin and I am 20 years old. I am one of the G-tower SRs along with Audrey. I am Indian by birth, but I grew up in Botswana and South Africa, before coming to Australia. I enjoy visiting new places and have travelled to various different countries – come and see if I’ve been to your home territory! I currently study Business Management and hope to be a CEO one day. I love sports, namely cricket, soccer, and rugby and am a huge Arsenal fan – any fellow gunners? I have really enjoyed my time at International House so far, so if you need any advice or just want to chat about Housie life, I will be available in room G202. I am also your ICC representative from IH for 2019. The ICC is a body of 10 members, one from each college. This year, IH along with Women’s College are in charge of organising cultural events such as Dancefest, One-Act Play and of course, Bandfest, which is held in our very own backyard! I am really excited to get to know all of you this year, and have some awesome things up my sleeve to make sure G-Tower is the place to be!



Hello! My name is Audrey and I am your G Tower SR along with Kevin. I am a 3rd year studying a Bachelor of Fine Arts Drama at QUT. I was born in Brisbane but have lived in and visited many places around the world. I graduated high school in Townsville and moved here for Uni. It was a big move as I’m very close with my family, but coming here has helped me develop friendships I will treasure forever. My favourite college events are Bandfest and IH Ball, so look out for these and don’t pass them up, it will be the most fun you’ve had! Get involved to get the best experience. My door is always open and I’m always up for a chat!



Hey guys, my name is Natasha, I’m 21, from Singapore and in the 3rd year of my Zoology degree at UQ. I will be your Female Sports Convenor as well as the H tower SR for 2019. I LOVE volleyball, pool, watching GoT, listening to indie and punk rock music, eating and meeting new people. I hope to share the love of sports with you guys and hope we bond together and make lifelong friends. I’ve got a few things planned for 2019 and I hope that you will join in and enjoy yourselves. Hopefully, you will see the IH community as a family rather than just a place to stay. Come down and say hi and let’s get to know each other! You know where to find me.



Hi everyone! My name is Tjeard and I’m your I tower SR. I’m 19 and was born in America but lived in China for most of my life. I’m studying a Bachelor of Engineering with a major in Mechatronics. I enjoy playing table tennis and pool (feel free to challenge me in games room). My goal in being an SR is to help everyone feel at home and try to create a family environment. This year I’m also the IH Male Sports Convener and my goal is to get more Housies interested in the sports events. It is a great way to get to know other people. I look forward to meeting all of you guys and hope to see you participating in all the events and having fun!